Fashion Tech Forum: In The Studio

Fashion Tech Forum: In The Studio continues the themes, ideas and conversations introduced at Fashion Tech Forum, the annual conference that brings together leaders and visionaries shaping the future of these intersecting industries.

This podcast will provide perspective and valuable insights from the minds of world-class talent, global leaders and brand visionaries. We also present discussions with cultural and business luminaries who are making a significant difference for women, sustainable practices and our communities in need. These conversations focus on sharing personal journeys and pivotal experiences and dig deeply into how these leaders see the future.

“The Space Between” is an especially relevant conversation during this time of turbulent change, where quieting the mind is essential for determining the best way forward. We bring into focus the practice of awareness, which translates to all aspects of our daily life. Our guests are extraordinary leaders who embrace this practice and are able to bring greater clarity to how they think about innovation, new ways of working, and creating culture.

Hosted by Karen Harvey.

Karen Harvey is CEO and Founder of The Karen Harvey Companies, an ecosystem of services, brands and platforms. KHC brings talent, strategy, vision and culture together to create world class brands through executive search, advisory services and workshops. FTF creates a space for visionaries, innovators and those driving the conversation across industries and culture. INDX connects emerging creatives with progressive brands for employment opportunities and knowledge sharing partnerships. A Zen student for more than 30 years, Karen integrates her practice across all of her businesses. Karen is a graduate of the OPM Program of Harvard Business School.